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Very good attorney.very knowledgeable and great communication. I’d deffinently recommend her to anyone.shes really helpful and affordable and just all around a very great experienced attorney and most importantly judge free and very kind.thank you for a great option I appreciate it
— Restraining order representation Posted on Mar 22, 2016
You know its sad when the opposition party tells you that you have a good attorney and they’re afraid of them. Very pleased in the success rate I’ve had thus far.
— Custody Representation Posted on Mar 12, 2015

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We do not take sides. Mothers and fathers should have equal rights with their children.

Your family should be the most important aspect of your life. Whether together or separated into different homes. It has been said by many experienced family law practitioners that when people are dealing with a family law matter they are seen at their worst. In criminal matters you see people who are trying to be their best. Its an interesting dichotomy. Family law is particularly hard as it is not just potentially financially devastating but also extremely emotionally strenuous. There are always two to a fight, however we believe, and so does family court, that when children are involved they should have maximum equal time with their parents since having both parents participate in the raising and rearing of their children is essential to their well-being. Many scientific studies have proven this to be true. 

Our network of top rated family law attorneys take these statements at face value and are seriously concerned about getting you the best help available to resolve your family law court battle.

What is family law?

Family law is the area of law that deals with domestic relations and family matters such as marriage, civil unions, along with governing issues involving minors and children. Family law addresses matters of custody of children, parenting plans which entail specific visitation arrangements each parent will have with their children including setting the legal parameters for the custodial parent and non custodial parent. Adoption and surrogacy are also popular matters that many experienced family lawyers focus on. 

Issues of determining paternity, paternity fraud, and child support are frequently handled by practicing family law attorneys.

Divorce, legal separations, annulments, alimony and spousal support can quickly be resolved with the help of an experienced divorce attorney and lawyer. The attorneys available through BestLegalChoice focus on achieving a settlement as fast as possible with as few dollars spent since they are very well aware of the stress and agony that sometimes accompanies these sensitive relational matters.

Uncontested Divorce Vs Contested Divorce

Uncontested divorce simply means that both parties agree on all the issues on the table. If property and assets are to be divided and issues involving a child or children are all agreed upon by both parties then generally uncontested divorces go rather smoothly.

Contested divorce means that both parties do not agree on at least some of the issues being decided. In this case it is best to work through the dispute and compromise as soon as possible before more time and money is spent on issues that usually can be resolved by reasonable individuals.

Getting custody and defending your parental rights

Stand up for your rights as a parent. Any psychologist and physician will tell you that your children are most affected by the nurturing and caring of their parents. Moms and dads alike play the most influential roles in their children's lives. Regardless of how difficult it may be in dealing with the other parent, you must stand up for yourself as a parent. No excuses! Your children need you in their lives to love and support them.

Our top rated family attorneys are trained to comfort and fight for you and your rights. Post your job to be connected quickly with a qualified family attorney with over 10 years of experience to address your family legal needs in the court of law.

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