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Family Law & Family Court


Often times, family law attorneys fall into playing the role of therapist as opposed to actually practicing law in Family law matters. Although, as a parent, burdens can feel lifted in the venting process, this can very quickly eat up your retainer when the focus should be on what your next strategy will be in court.

Family law is a very challenging area of the law for different reasons. Generally, a marital dissolution action has the ability to cross over into various areas of the legal realm. Consequently, you have to be prepared to deal with a multitude of issues that may simultaneously cross over into the dissolution action such as domestic violence issues, contract disputes, criminal actions, issues related to the valuation of businesses, issues related to the characterization of stock options/awards, high income support issues, and messy custody issues, to name a few.

Family issues come at two times, in good times and bad times. As a parent the safety of your family and specifically your children should be the most important priorities for you.

Family law has become one of the most difficult areas of law to part take in due to the potential tension and stresses involved between two parties.

Even though this may be a hard time for you and your children, it is a temporary situation to go through so you can secure your rights as a parent in family court.

Family law categorizes the following related matters:

  • Motion to modify
  • Declarations
  • Discovery processes
  • Child custody modifications
  • Child visitation or parenting time modifications
  • Child and spousal support modifications
  • Dissolution of marriages
  • Guardianship modifications

Your family attorney's goal is to help you gather all the information that will be most effective in support of your request to the judge, and help you prepare everything that is needed to approach the court. A family court judge’s primary concern in all family law cases is that the best interests of the children are in order.

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